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One of the most dangerous destructive factors of electric wiring is the induced potential. On disconnected wires of the alternating current contact network of railways, transmission lines, lightning-protective cables, elements of the disconnected equipment of stations and substations voltage is induced by electrostatic and electromagnetic means, its value can exceed admissible levels according to normative regulations established by effective standards. To prevent electric shock the personnel servicing, for example, a contact network of the railway, has to establish grounding of the working site. In case during performance of works grounding appears to be broken as a result of random factors, workers can get under the induced potential and get electric shock, which frequently causes a fatal outcome.

 For the solution of the problem of protection of the personnel from the induced potential, particularly when working on sites of a contact network of railways, substations, including railway substations as well as aerial power lines, the Joint-Stock Company “HPO Energoform” together with Labour Safety Office of the Ministry of Railways (currently OJSC “RZhD”) and VNIIZhT (Russian Reasearch & Development Institute of Railways) have developed and carried out extended tests of a shielding kit, type Ep-4(0).

High conductivity shielding kits shunt a human body, preventing flow of the electric induction current, the pulse current and the currents induced by touching of electric installations in the zone of the induce potential through him.

 The shielding kit is intended for flow of the current not exceeding 100 A through a human body during a short time (1-2seconds). This is achieved through application of the complex scheme of galvanic connections with parallel communications and the perfect contact connections. Electric tests have shown ability of the shielding kit Ep-4(0) to shunt currents with the intensity not exceeding 200 A. Heating of elements of the shielding kit (about 40ºC) in this case neither shall cause destruction of protective elements nor does it lead to burns or discomfort of the user.



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