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Individual shielding kits

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Individual shielding  kits, Ei-2 type, are a universal facility of protection against harmful exposure to electromagnetic waves (EMW) in a wide range of radio frequencies. They can be used in operation of broadcasting radio centers of low-, medium- and high-frequencies (including maintenance of radio transmitters and transcieving antennas), radio stations, television transmitters, systems of cellular and satellite communication (first of all, transcieving antennas) and radar stations, especially in the process of adjustment and testing of radar installations. Shielding kits can be used as means of an individual protection during execution of works with microwave-equipment of various purposes, for example, in physiotherapeutic cabinets, in close vicinity to installations of high-frequency heating.

The shielding kit is intended for work in the open air and indoors. In a cold season it can be used with warming outer garments of general purpose.

 The shielding kit includes the following elements:

·            Shielding overalls;

·            Shielding cap assembly;

·            Shielding gloves;

·            Leather shielding boots;

·            A belt with mounting bag for the tools.

 All elements of a shielding kit (except the helmet, belts with mounting bag for the tools) are executed with the use of electroconductive materials.

Factor of shielding of the shielding kit including the screen


For a person in the range of frequencies from 10 kHz up to 22 GHz - Not less than 30dB (1000rel.units)
Resistance of shielding garments, no more that  10 Ohm
Resistance of shielding gloves, no more than  30 Ohm
Resistance of shielding footwear, no more than 500 Ohm

Shielding overalls

The shielding overalls, shielding cap and boots are made with use of the shielding fabric having high protective and hygienic properties.

The top of the overalls is made from a special fabric with water-and-dirt-resistant impregnation lined with fabric of general purpose. The front surface of the jacket has two special pockets inside of which there are conductors from a shielding fabric with clips. Conductors are intended for grounding of the shielding kit or connection with a bar for transit of the potential.

Shielding cap

The shielding cap consists of a hat made of shielding fabric, a screen for the face with universal fastening and a helmet of general purpose. The screen for the face is made in the form of a transparent grid from stainless steel, to improve visibility  the internal part is painted with antiglare covering.

 On the bottom edge of a cap there are strips of a shielding tape that is connected by galvanic method to the shielding fabric. These strips provide galvanic connection of a cap with overalls.

Shielding gloves

Shielding gloves are made from the complex yarn including a silvered tinsel string, shunted by a carbonized string and high-tensile kevlar string ensuring wear-resistance of gloves. The top of a glove is made in the form of a cuff from a cotton yarn with inclusion of a tinsel string to provide galvanic connection of gloves with sleeves of the jacket. On palm side of the gloves there’s a layer of electroconductive plastic that increases the factor of friction and raises safety of the works carried out at high altitude, without reducing reliability of the electric contact of gloves and metal parts of constructions on the object of works.

Shielding boots

Shielding boots are made of leather with electroconductive sole and an interlining from a shielding fabric. In the top part of the upper side of the boot there are overlays made of electroconductive tape, galvanically connected with the interlining. These strips provide galvanic connection of trousers of the overalls with boots.

2. Safety requirements

The shielding kit should be used in the assembly. Application of separate elements of the shielding kit is forbidden.

It is forbidden to unbutton any fasteners on elements of the shielding kit since it reduces its protective properties at work in a zone of radiation.

In case of detection during work of break-up of contact connections, severance by seams’ lines or other defects of the shielding kit, works should be stopped.

3.          Warranty obligations

The supplier guarantees safety of protective properties and regular work of the shielding kit within a year from the date of sale. At detection of defects during the warranty period as well on all matters concerning mending it is necessary to send your claims to the following address:

119002, Moscow, Karmanitskiy per., 9

Joint-stock company “HPO Energoform”, ph. +7(495) 771-63-75, 956-10-67

With the indication of the number of a defective product and the number of a batch from which it has been delivered to the consumer.

Claims for the defects which have arisen through fault of the consumer (mechanical damages, unintended use and operation with incompliance with requirements of the present manual) shall be rejected by the supplier.

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