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Individual shielding kits

The screening kits such as SU-2

Individual shielding  kits, Ei-2 type, are a universal facility of protection against harmful exposure to electromagnetic waves (EMW) in a wide range of radio frequencies. They can be used in operation of broadcasting radio centers of low-, medium- and high-frequencies (including maintenance of radio transmitters and transcieving antennas), radio stations, television transmitters, systems of cellular and satellite communication (first of all, transcieving antennas) and radar stations, especially in the process of adjustment and testing of radar installations. Shielding kits can be used as means of an individual protection during execution of works with microwave-equipment of various purposes, for example, in physiotherapeutic cabinets, in close vicinity to installations of high-frequency heating.

The shielding kit is intended for work in the open air and indoors. In a cold season it can be used with warming outer garments of general purpose.

 The shielding kit includes the following elements:

·            Shielding overalls;

·            Shielding cap assembly;

·            Shielding gloves;

·            Leather shielding boots;

·            A belt with mounting bag for the tools.

 All elements of a shielding kit (except the helmet, belts with mounting bag for the tools) are executed with the use of electroconductive materials.

Factor of shielding of the shielding kit including the screen


For a person in the range of frequencies from 10 kHz up to 22 GHz - Not less than 30dB (1000rel.units)
Resistance of shielding garments, no more that  10 Ohm
Resistance of shielding gloves, no more than  30 Ohm
Resistance of shielding footwear, no more than 500 Ohm

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