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Among the shielding kits produced by Joint-Stock Company “HPO Energoform” the shielding kits for protection against the electric wave of a radio-frequency range are noteworthy. They are widely used during works in an operative range of powerful radiating installations (antennas of satellite, cellular, tele- and radio communications, radars, locators, installations of high-frequency-heating and so on)/

The major constructive difference of these shielding kits from the EP series consists in the fact that all elements are connected to each other by galvanic method not by means of terminal leads but by electroconductive surfaces of edge sites of clothes, gloves and footwear. Owing to this differing feature it is possible to exclude breaks and splits in shielding environment that increases efficiency of shielding of electromagnetic field of high frequencies.

Standard tests of Ei-2 shielding kits in anechoic shielded chamber showed effective easing of the electromagnetic field in the range of frequencies from 0,1 MHz up to 22 GHz.

Ei-2 shielding kits are widely used at installation, repair and regular works at working radio-emitting stations without switching-off of transmitters. Today such works with the use of shielding kits produced by “HPO Energoform” are carried out by the largest companies serving powerful radio-and-tele-broadcasting high-voltage devices, Ostankino television center, joint-stock company "Vympelcom", joint-stock company "Smarts", Center of air-space communication “Medvezhii ozera” as well as organizations maintaining systems of air navigation - FGUAP (Civil Air Service Administration) "Pulkovo", FGUAP "Sheremetyevo", “Zabaikalavianavigatsia”, “Chukotaeronavigatsia” and others.



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