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Individual shielding kits

MORE IN DETAIL Shielding kits of Ep-4(L) type


Individual shielding kit of Ep-4 (L) type is intended for use during the works executed on potential of wires of non-disconnected HVL of alternating current with voltage of 1150 kilovolt inclusive. They can be used during the works under voltage executing on the ground potential (towers bodies and cross-arms of HVL).

The kit creates closed shielded space around human body (individual cage of Faraday) excluding penetration of electric field inside shielded space. Besides, possessing the high conductivity, it shunts human body that provides for runoff into the ground passing human body of bias current, pulse currents and current arising from touching of parts situated under direct voltage. Protective shield fastened on the helmet protects respiratory apparatus from harmful influence of air ions especially hard (aerosols) whose inhalation is forbidden. The kit is intended for the work outdoors during warm season. During cold season it is possible to wear underwear, knitwear, sweater, etc. It is forbidden to wear Insulated clothes over the kit.

The kit protects from the:

  • action of electric field;
  • action of bias current flown through human body when he is in electric field;
  • action of pulse current when breaching electric contact of shielding kit with line wire, and also current of discharges when touching the grounded or isolated objects, parts of equipment and also grass and small bushes;

·         action of intensive electromagnetic radiation in wide diapason arising from discharge between disconnectors, especially when disconnecting by it of non-loaded transformers and HVLs;

·         action of electromagnetic field creating by corona effect;

·         action of air ions (especially hard – aerosols);

·         action of possible electrical injury when working in zone of direct voltage.


The kit includes following elements:

·         shielding jacket with set-in hood;

·         shielding jump suit;

·         shielding helmet cover;

·         face shield with universal fastening on helmet;

·         shielding gloves (5 pairs – one of them is the main one, the remaining 4 pairs are reserve ones);

·         protective helmet;

·         leather shielding boots;

·         belt with montage bag for instruments.


All elements of the kit, except the helmet and belt with a bag, are made with use of electroconductive materials and are galvanically joint with each other. The scheme of electric (galvanic) connections includes canals of heightened conductivity, “collecting buses” electroconductive contact outputs (ECCO). The contact connections are provided by metal semicircles and snaps. Indicated construction of galvanic connections provides for reliable flow of bias current and pulse current passing the human body, even with lowering of electric conductivity of the kit after several dry-cleanings.


The jacket, jump suit, helmet cover and boots are made with use of incombustible shielding fabric having very high protective characteristics.


The shielding fabric makes the kit very reliable. Even substantial ruptures of this fabric which may arise during the exploitation don’t deprive the kit of protective characteristics. Besides, the high maintainability is provided. Sewing together of ruptured parts of shielding fabric restores protective characteristics of item.


Shielding jacket

In the jacket collar the ECCO is brought-out through transparent loop with two semi snaps for galvanic connection of the jacket with helmet cover.


Inside the jacket (from the right and the left) there are ECCOs with contact semi snaps for galvanic connection of the jacket with jump suit. ECCOs are made elongated with signal stripe on the end. If ECCOs of the jacket are not connected with relevant outputs of jump suit its signal stripe is visible from under the jacket and informs the worker about breach of galvanic connection.


From the front of the jacket there are two special pockets inside which the conductors in cover of shielding fabric with clamps or screw-clamps on the ends are fastened. They are intended for galvanic connection with electrician cabin or bar for transfer of the potential.


On the jacket sleeves the ECCOs are fastened with connective semicircles and semi snaps by means of which the galvanic connection of the jacket with gloves is carried out.

 Shielding jump suit

From the front of jump suit (from the right and the left) the ECCOs with contact semi snaps are placed for galvanic connection of jump suit with jacket.

Below, on back half of trousers the ECCOs with semi snaps are placed for galvanic connection of jump suit with shielding boots.

Helmet cover

The helmet cover dressing on the protective helmet is made whole of shielding fabric and is provided with two semi snaps for galvanic connection with jacket.

Shielding gloves

The shielding gloves are made of complex thread including silvered tawdry ply shunted with carbonized fly and high-strength Kevlar fly providing wear resistance of gloves.

The top of a glove in the form of cuff is made whole of cotton thread with weave of tawdry ply for providing of galvanic connection of gloves with the jacket sleeves. For rising of reliability of indicated connection the gloves are provided with the ECCOs which it is necessary to pass through semicircles on the jacket sleeves and to button up the snaps.

On the palmar part of gloves the knurl of electoconductive plastic is applied which increases the traction coefficient and raises safety of the works executed on the altitude herewith not lowering the reliability of electric contact of gloves and metal parts of constructions on the object.

Shielding boots

The shielding boots are made of leather with electroconductive sole, inter-backing of shielding fabric. On the top of the boot’s and pull’s top the strips of shielding fabric galvanically joint with inter-backing are sewed on. These strips provide for galvanic connection with inter-backing of boots and of jump suit with boots. For rising of reliability of indicated connection the boots are provided with the ECCOs with semicircles and semi snaps. They should be passed through semicircles on the jump suit trousers and buttoned up the snap.

Face shield

The face shield is made in the form of transparent grid of stainless steel, for improvement of survey the top is colored with anti-reflection coating. The shield is fastened on the helmet by means of removable holder enabling to lift the shield on angle from 0 to 90º.


All elements of the kit should be used jointly and should be galvanically joint with each other. Otherwise the Kit loses its protective characteristics.

2. Safety requirements

The works in the HVL under voltage including the works in the isolated lighting protection rope should be executed with use of gloves and with obligatory electric connection of the kit with wire (rope) by means of one of conductors with clamps. The works on the potential of non-disconnected HVL should be executed with the face shield down.


In case of disclosure during the work of defective contact connections, ruptures on seams or other defects of the kit the works should be stopped and defective kit or its element should be substituted for operable or be repaired.


3. Warranty

Vendor guarantees integrity of protective properties and normal operation of the garment during one year from the day of sale. If during warranty period you detected faults as well as have questions on repair please contact:

9, Karmanitzky per., Moscow 119002 Russia

CJSC “NPO Energoform”, Tel. +7(495) 771-63-75, 956-10-67

indicating number of defective product and batch number it is supplied from.

Failure to observe requirements of this manual will cause Vendor to reject claims on defects resulted due to the fault of consumer (mechanical damages, misuse etc).



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