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Individual shielding kits

MORE IN DETAIL Shielding kits of Ep-4(Z) type


1.        Description

Shielding clothing of Ep-4(Z)  type is the universal means of protection against negative impact of all factors of electromagnetic nature during winter season when working at wire voltage of non-deactivated AC HVL of 1150 kV inclusive. This can be used when live working at earth potential (HVL pillars and cross-arms).

The kit forms shielded circuit around human body (individual Faraday cage) that does not let electric field of even very high intensity in shielded circuit. Besides, having high conductivity the kit shunts human body not allowing displacement and pulse currents flow through it. It also protects from air ions especially heavy ones (aerosols) inhalation of which is inadmissible.

The kit significantly decays electric field of radio frequencies broad range generated by corona discharge.

It is intended for work in the open air during winter as well as spring and autumn seasons.

Kit provides protection against of:

  • Action of electric field;
  • Action of displacement current flowing through human body when he is within electric field;
  • Action of pulse current under electrical contact loss from shielding kit with line wire, discharge current when touching grounded or insulated objects, items of equipment as well as grass and small bushes;
  • Action of intensive electromagnetic emission developed at discharge between breaker contacts especially when they switch off non-loading transformers and HVL;
  • Action of electromagnetic field produced by corona discharge;
  • Action of air ions (especially heavy ones – aerosols);
  • Possible electric injury when working in the area of induced voltage.

The kit consists of the following elements:

  • cold-protective shielding jacket with sewn-in hood;
  • cold-protective shielding semi-coverall;
  • shielding hood;
  • protective helmet;
  • face shield with universal fastening to helmet;
  • shielding knitted gloves (5 pairs – one is the  main one, 4 others are extra ones);
  • warmth-keeping mitts;
  • cold-protective shielding boots;
  • belt with electrician’s bag for instruments.

            All the elements except for the helmet; cold-protective mitts and belt with instrument bag are made with shielding materials and galvanically joint to each other. Wiring diagram (galvanic) includes high conductivity channels, “collecting buses” and equipotential connection lead (EBL). Contact joints are ensured by metallic semi-rings and snaps. The specified scheme of galvanic bonds ensures safe displacement and pulse currents flow bypassing human body even at reducing electrical conductivity of the kit after some dry cleaning.

Jacket, semi-coverall, hood and boots are made of shielding fiber having very high protective properties.

Kit shielding material ensures safety. The kit remains safe irrespective of even small fractures of this material that may occur during operation. In addition it is provided high level of serviceability. If you seam torn pieces of shielding fiber kit protective properties will be recovered.

Shielding jacket

EBL with two semi-snaps for jacket galvanic connection to hood is sewed to jacket collar.

There are equipotential connection leads (EBL) inside jacket (right and left) and semi-snaps for galvanic connection of semi-coverall to jacket. EBL are made elongated with warning stripe at the end. If EBL are not joint to relevant semi-coverall leads than warning stripe is visible and informs user about galvanic disconnection.

Jacket is equipped with warmth-keeping liner made of synthepone and batting sewed round with lining fabric. Liner is made with holes for EBL with semi-rings to be passed through. In addition there is jacket removable warmth-keeping wadding (with snaps) provided.

There are two special pockets on the front of the jacket. Inside there are conductors sheathed of shielding fiber with clamps or clips at the ends. They are intended for galvanic connection to electrician room or stick for potential transfer.

On jacket sleeves there are EBL with connection semi-rings and semi-snaps that ensure galvanic connection of jacket to gloves.

Shielding jump suit

Semi-coverall top and wadding is made of the same material as jacket. There is a wadding of shielding fiber and warmth-keeping layer of synthepone.

On layer of shielding fiver of back trousers legs there are EBL with connection semi-rings and semi-snaps that ensure galvanic connection of the jump suit to the boots.

There are equipotential connection leads (EBL) in front of jump suit (right and left) and semi-snaps for galvanic connection of jump suit to jacket.

Shielding hood

Shielding hood put on protective helmet is fully made of shielding material and equipped with two semi-snaps for galvanic connection to jacket.

Shielding gloves

Shielding gloves are made of complex yarn including silvered tinsel, bypass carbonated and high-tensile Kevlar material providing gloves durability.

Top of a glove in the form of wrist cuff is totally made of cotton yarn with woven tinsel material for galvanic connection of gloves to jacket sleeves. To increase safety of specified connection, gloves are equipped with EBL needed to be passed through semi-rings on jacket sleeves and buttoned up.

There is knurling from electroshielding plastic applied on gloves palmar part that increase friction coefficient and safety of works at high altitudes without reducing safety of electrical contact of gloves and metallic parts of constructions on site.

Shielding cold-protective boots

Cold-protective shielding boots are made of leather with electroshielding sole, wadding from shielding material and warmth-keeping wadding from woolen coat.  On the top of boots and lug there are sewed on strips of shielding material and galvanically bonded with wadding. These strips ensure galvanic fixing with shoe inner sole and semi-coverall with boots. To increase safety of mentioned fixing boots are equipped with EBL with semi-rings and semi-snaps. There are to be passed through semi-rings on semi-coverall trouser legs and buttoned up.

Face shield

Face shield is made in the form of transparent mesh from stainless steel. Inner part of it is painted with antiglare cover to improve visibility. The shield is attached to head cover by means of removable holder enabling to lift it for 0 to 90º.


All shielding kit elements must be used together and galvanically fixed with each other. Otherwise the kit loses its protective properties.

2.        Safety requirements

When live working at high-voltage lines (HVL) including insulated ground wire this should be done with gloves and obligatory connection of the kit to wire by one of the conductor with clamps. When working at wire voltage of non-deactivated HVL this should be done with moved down face shield.

When detecting faulty contact bonds, seam fracture or other kit defects all works must be stopped and defective kit or its element should be replaced or repaired.

3.        Warranty

Vendor guarantees integrity of protective properties and normal operation of the kit during one year from the day of sale. If during warranty period there are faults detected as well as questions on repair please contact:

9, Karmanitzky per., Moscow 119002 Russia

CJSC “NPO Energoform”, Tel. +7(495) 771-63-75, 956-10-67,

indicating number of defective product and batch number it is supplied from.

Failure to observe requirements of this manual will cause Vendor to reject claims on defects resulted due to the fault of consumer (mechanical damages, misuse etc). 


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