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Individual shielding kits

Shielding kits of Ep-4(z) type

Shielding kits of Ep-4(Z) type are intended for live working at non-deactivated HVL at voltage 110-1150 kV inclusively as well as for live working at earth potential (pillars and cross-arms) during cold season.

Kits provide protection against impact of:

       electric field including constant critical tension of a wire surface;

       any displacement current of any magnitude of voltage;

       pulse current under electrical contact loss of shielding kit with line wire;

       air ions especially heavy ones (aerosols) inhalation of which is inadmissible;

       electromagnetic field produced by corona discharge.

Shielding kits of Ep-4(Z) type are completed with elements galvanically bonded to each other:

       Insulated shielding jacket with hood;

       Insulated shielding jumpsuit;

       shielding helmet cover;

       face shield with fastening to helmet;

       shielding knitted gloves;

       leather made shielding boots or cold-protective shielding boots.

The kit is certified by the State Standardization Organization (Gosstandard) and State Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic Institution of the Russian Federation.


Kit shielding factor in dB not less than:

60 (1000 relative units)

Reduction factor of air ions concentration in inhaled air, relative units, not less than:





Resistance of shielding clothing in Ohm, not more than


Resistance of shielding gloves in Ohm, not more than


Resistance of shielding boots in Ohm, not more than


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