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Individual shielding kits

Shielding kits of Ep-4(0) type

Shielding kits of Ep-4(0) type are intended to protect personnel from induced voltage particularly when working at railway trolley system areas, railway substations as well as aerial power lines.

Mode of kit operation is that it shunts current flowing through human body under induced voltage. The kit is designed for current flow bypassing human body during a short interval (1-2 s) at more than 100 A. This is achieved by applying complex scheme of galvanic bonds with collateral communications and perfect bonds. Electrical tests demonstrated efficiency of Эп-4(0) kit to shunt currents of value up to 200 A. Kit elements heating (about 40 Celsius degrees) does not cause destruction of protective elements but also burns or discomfort of a user. This proves efficiency of the kit to protect personnel not only under live working but also in case of induced (electromagnetic) blast when current value may reach hundreds of Amperes.

Shielding kits of Ep-4(0) type are completed with elements galvanically fixed to each other:

       shielding jacket with hood;

       shielding semi-coverall;

       shielding hood;

       shielding knitted gloves;

       leather shielding boots.

In addition there are supplied helmet of general purpose and belt with electrician’s bag for instruments.

The kit is certified by the State Standardization Organization (Gosstandard) and State Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic Institution of the Russian Federation.


Kit shielding factor under 50 Hz, in dB not less than

60 (1000 relative units)

Resistance of shielding clothing in Ohm, not more than


Resistance of shielding gloves in Ohm, not more than


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