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Individual shielding kits





Shielding kits of Ep-1 type are universal means of protection against detrimental effect of all factors of electromagnetic nature, created by the electric installations with voltage of up to 1150 kV AC.

They are intended for use while performing at all types of works in switchgears and overhead transmission lines with voltage of 330, 400, 500, 750 and 1150 kV on ground potential in warm season. In cold season they can be used with general-purpose warmth-keeping overclothes.

Shielding kits of Ep-1 type provide for protection against:

action of electrical field;
action of bias current running through the human body when being in the electrical field;
action of pulse current (discharge) at touching the grounded or insulated objects, parts of equipment as well as grass and shrublets;  
action of intense electromagnetic radiation occurring at operation with disconnecting links;
action of possible electrical injury at work in the induced voltage area.


The shielding kits of Ep-1 type are composed of the elements galvanically joint with each other: 

shielding jacket with a hood;
shielding jump suit;
shielding helmet cover;
shielding knitted gloves;
leather shielding boots.


The kit is certified by GosStandard of Russia and State sanitation-and-epidemiological service of the Russian Federation.




fabric shielding factor, dB, not less than

at frequency of 50 Hz


up to 10 MHz


up to 10-500 MHz


up to 500-20000 MHz


shielding factor of the whole kit with frequency of 50 Hz, dB, not less than

60 (1000 rel. units)

shielding clothing resistance, kOhm, not more than


shielding gloves resistance, Ohm, not more than


shielding boots resistance, kOhm, not more than



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