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Individual shielding kits

About the company

Integrated solution of human safety electromagnetic ecology problems 

The Russian Company Energoform NPO CJSC has been working at the personal protective equipment (PPE) market for more than 15 years. The main activity of the Company is scientific research, manufacture and delivery of personal shielding kits for protection of personnel working in the sphere of electric-power industry, electric power supply of railways and large industrial enterprises, as well as cellular and satellite communication, aerial navigation, television and broadcasting against electrical fields.  
Currently the Company is a leader in the sphere of development and production of equipment for personal protection against electrical fields with frequency of 50-60 Hz and contingent effects, such as induced potential, pace voltage, capacitive and pulse current, bias current as well as electromagnetic radiation in wide range of radio frequencies. 
Energoform produces more than 10000 kits of different purpose annually. Our clients are the largest enterprises of power industry, such as Unified Energy System of the Russian Federation, FNC UES OJSC, large power plants, electric supply services of industrial and transport enterprises – RZhD OJSC, companies servicing the powerful radio- and tele-transmission facilities -  Ostankino television centre, Vympelcom CJSC, MTS OJSC, Megafon CJSC, Smarts CJSC, as well as organizations operating the aerial navigation and air traffic control systems – Pulkovo FSUAE, Zabaikalaeronavigatsiya, Chukotaeronavigatsiya, and many others.


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